About Saltire Sky Media

With the number of organisations on the rise, the variety of competition and the phenomenon of the Internet, marketing and having an online presence is becoming more and more vital to succeed in business today. Many small companies or sole traders cannot afford to employ someone to market the organisation nor do they have the time or know-how to do it themselves. This is where Saltire Sky Media comes in…. Saltire Sky Media offers many of the services of a ‘marketing department’ to small – medium sized companies and organisations at a fraction of the cost. Contact me today to find out more freelance marketing & digital media services for you and your business.

Who is Saltire Sky Media? Sally Brown 

Why have you set up Saltire Sky Media?  It seems that many people in well-established businesses struggle to optimise their business online. I’ve found this  after working in a handful of small businesses and helping create and set up marketing campaigns, introducing them to social media, email marketing and online marketing. I can help people make sense of ‘modern marketing’ and help optimise social & digital media for their business and minimise their own workload.

What do you do? I meet with the business/client to get to know more about the business and what they think they need a hand with. Together we come up with a plan of action for the project. We keep in touch regularly to make sure we’re both happy and to discuss any adjustments or improvements.

Where is Saltire Sky Media? Potentially anywhere – my work is very flexible so it’s easy to work from the client’s base or from my home office near Peebles in the Scottish Borders depending on the project. 

How do you know what you’re talking about? I studied Marketing with Digital Media for 4 years to gain a BA (Hons) degree and have an IDM qualification in Direct & Digital Marketing. I also recently completed Squared Online, a Digital Marketing Leadership Course developed with Google and passed Hootsuite’s certified professional exam in Social Marketing. I’ve worked and gained experience in a number of industries including agriculture, sporting events and children’s activity camps. Through research work for clients, and myself, I keep up to date with the latest news, trends and technology and use this when working for my clients. 

hootsuite certified profession in social marketingSquared Online Graduate Badge





Professional headshot courtesy of David Ho.