5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelancer

With a shift away from the 9-5 working culture and the technology to allow us to work from pretty much anywhere at any time, there is becoming much more of a need for small businesses to hire freelancers. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a freelancer to help with your small business’ digital marketing.

1. It will save you money

If you’re considering hiring a new employee it’s likely you’ll have to pay them for an 8 hour day as well as holiday pay, sick pay and the other general costs of employing someone. With a freelancer you only have to pay for the actual time spent on your project. For a small business this is great news as it means the pressure to pay a monthly wage is removed and you know that when you get an invoice through from the freelancer that a genuine breakdown of the work and time has been spent.

2. It will save you time

As a small business owner you often end up doing all the jobs that help keep the business ticking along but means less time is spent on what you set up your business to do. By hiring a freelancer to help with your social media management for instance means you can spend more time running your business knowing the social media side of things is taken care of.

3. it will give you more Flexibility

Businesses can pick and choose freelancers with specific talents. Freelancers are very flexible in terms of when and how they work and can work on demand as needed. Whether your business could benefit from an extra hand for a one off project or just looking for some advice as and when, they can fit their work around you and your business. Even when you’ve shut up shop for the day a social media freelancer can continue to respond and engage with comments and followers on social on your behalf.

4. you will get Experienced & expert work

Due to undergoing various jobs at once and with different businesses freelancers quickly build up experience. As freelancers are focussed on doing the best job for clients to gain a great reputation it’s important for them to know their industry, learn the about the latest technology and tools. This means you’ll be getting an excellent service without having to worry about training employees to the latest tools and tech.¬†Freelancers typically run a business themselves so also share the same values as small business owners.

5. You will make new Connections

Lastly, freelancers are a great way to make new connections with businesses. Within their network they may have your ideal customer as a contact. Having a direct point of contact is invaluable in business as word of mouth is still possibly one of the most important types of marketing.