Grab the opportunity…

I realise it’s been a while since my last post – not great for someone who bangs on to clients about how a blog helps with your website’s SEO, providing additional valuable information and keeping in touch with clients…it’s a bit of “do I say, not as I do”. 

The title of this post is one of the main reasons why I’ve not managed to schedule in “blog time” to my week (or month even!) I’ve been busy trying out new experiences, both in a business sense and personally.

Last month I was asked if I could design and deliver a number of workshops around the subject of Digital Marketing…something I had never done, other than group presentations at uni, or really thought about doing. After thinking about it from a “what’s the worst that can happen” perspective and then realising actually probably quite a lot, it was too good an opportunity to be missed. So, I did it.

First step, agree. Second step, panic!

Thanks to my Dad and several hours of designing and researching we had a workshop plan. But I quickly learned no matter how much prep you do you can’t predict the sort of questions people might ask on the day. Thankfully the delegates I worked with over the few days were wanting to learn, participate and have a bit of a laugh…always helpful!

Not only did grasping this opportunity allow me to experience something quite different to my “norm” (whatever that is!?) it also  helped clarify that I know what I’m talking about (most of it anyway!) and so boosted my confidence. It’s definitely not a bad thing to get out your comfort zone every now and then…I mean let’s be honest, comfort zones are starting to get quite boring repetitive places.

Ok so I mentioned it’s been a month of new things for both my business and personally..onto the latter. My partner Liam & I have been selected to represent our local town, Innerleithen, throughout Summer festivals as Standard Bearer & Lass. For those out with the Scottish Borders this all probably sounds a bit alien but in these neck of the woods it’s tradition, that in some cases has been going 200+ years, and is considered a real honour and privilege. So as well as meaning our Summer diary has now tripled it’s another great opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, make new contacts as well as having a blast. Again, a big ask but an opportunity we couldn’t turn down.

The moral of this rambling ? Try something new and don’t turn an opportunity because “your not sure you can” or “I’m happy as I am, why change?” Instead grab it, and go for it. You might even surprise yourself like I did. Honestly what is the worst that can happen*?


*excluding skydiving, bungee-jumping & swimming with sharks