5 reasons to hire a freelancer

Are you looking to update your marketing strategy or need some inspiration for content this year? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a freelancer for your upcoming projects or on-going/monthly retainer…

  1. Expert advice and technology. Freelancers are experts in their fields and often have lots of experience working across various industries, projects and organisations. We make sure whatever software or technology required is up-to-date and try to keep on top of any advances and updates. For example, I always have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator ready to help with projects.

  2. Wider Network. Reaching out to a freelancer and being part of their network can be beneficial to your business as they may know and have access to that “perfect client” or interested stakeholder.

  3. Value for money. Although the hourly or day rate may seem higher than paying an employee, you only pay for the time spent on the agreed project. The cost will end up being much less than a salary and does not include holiday pay, sick pay or pension contribution.

  4. Fresh Eyes. Sometimes a freelancer can see a new perspective or come up with fresh ideas and suggestions to help improve your business.

  5. Finally, we’re in it together. Freelancers are trying to run and do the best for their own business as you are also trying to do the best for yours. Freelancers like to get the job done to the best they can to ensure payment on completion.

Looking to hire a freelancer to help with your social & digital marketing? Get in touch today :)